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to diagnose whether or not
you're addicted to pornography

Do you:

1) Frequently look at magazines or books of a pornographic nature (images or text)?
2) Frequently watch porn videos at home or in sex shops?
3) Subscribe to forums or chat on the web with potential sex partners?
4) When feeling aroused, find it difficult to resist masturbation?
5) When resisting, become nervous or irritable to those around you?
6) Become feverish immediately prior to masturbation?
7) Spend hours surfing Internet sex sites?
8) Feel dirty and degraded the more you indulge your fantasies?
9) Feel tired after coming?
10) Feel guilt or shame on occasion?
11) Return home from social gatherings with friends and acquaintances to satisfy your desires?
12) Get up sometimes in the middle of the night or in the early hours to surf on Internet sex sites?
13) Hide your habit from your circle of acquaintances because you’re too ashamed to discuss it?
14) Find that your partner (if you have one) cannot communicate with your sombre, irritable nature?
15) Find your partner sexually unattractive but often pretend to enjoy it?
16) Have difficulty in forming a relationship (if single) or have you been alone for a long time?
17) Masturbate several times a week?
18) Often decide stop doing it, without success?
19) Frequently promise to stop but fail and break your promises to others?
20) Not know how to change this addictive habit?

© Peter Marlow/Magnum

• If you answered YES to less than 3 questions, you're not porn addicted, but remain vigilant because it can catch you unawares very quickly!
• If you answered YES to more than 5 questions, you are a potential porn addict. Please acknowledge it now and speak about it to your partner, a friend or a psychiatrist.
• If you answered YES more than 15 questions, you are totally addicted and it's time to seek a cure before your partner leaves you and all your friends shun you. Even if you cheat, appearing detached and lying to yourself, the situation will become intolerable for yourself and others involved.
• You can superficially hide it but you can't run away from yourself!

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